About Us

We’re Here to Help Today’s Grower
Prosper Year­in and Year­out

Bercaw Insurance Group uses a combination of risk mitigating tools and education to cover the risk exposure of your farm and family so you can continue to pursue your passion of production agriculture.

George Bercaw

Risk Consultant

George is a managing partner and a risk consultant who is responsible for taking care of the clients.. As the person with the most direct contact with the clients, George is somewhat the face of the company. He conducts frequent needs assessments with each client, offers education and training on new technologies, and helps clients interface with our technology and after­market partners.

George’s background is in commercial banking where he spent 12 years in agricultural lending, working for two multi­billion dollar agriculture financing groups. He has a degree from University of Kentucky in agricultural economics with a focus in international marketing and trade. In his spare time, George is a voracious reader and he enjoys staying on top of the agricultural market.

Melissa Bercaw

Risk Consultant

Melissa is a managing partner in the LLC and is responsible for making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed on all paperwork. She basically runs the business side of operations, often interacting with the insurance companies, and ensuring that all licensing remains in order..

Melissa also owns a Masters in Business Administration and has worked in the past as a Farm Mortgage Underwriter and as a Mortgage Banker.

In her spare time (if she gets any), Melissa ­ a self­described Ballpark Mom ­ is often seen trying to keep up with her three children.