Multiperil Crop

Cover Both Yields and Prices
with Multi Peril Crop Insurace (MPCI)*

Indiana Insurance

Most growers know that multi peril crop insurance protects yields, but many don’t think of MPCI as a price­protection and a decision­making tool. With MPCI from, growers can sell their grain ahead of harvest, at a higher price, and they will be covered if freezing, drought, disease, or a number of other natural phenomena prevents them from delivering their promised yield.

This means growers can maximize their profits by selling before harvest, when prices are generally higher, with minimal risk. For example, if a grower sells 100 bushels of grain and can only deliver on 80 percent,’s MPCI will cover the remaining 20 percent ­ assuming the shortage was from the following:

  • Drought
  • Excessive Moisture
  • Freezing
  • Disease

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*Must be purchased prior to planting

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